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About SCE

The School of Civil Engineering (SCE) at the Beijing Jiaotong University enjoys a good reputation for excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, and for research that improves the quality of life in China.

History of Excellence
The School of Civil Engineering (SCE) in Beijing JiaoTong University was founded in 1996. Its predecessor was the Department of Construction of the Beijing Railway College founded in 1956. Alumni of SCE have worked on numerous railway infrastructure landmarks at home and abroad. They continue to design, build and improve society’s infrastructure in China and, increasingly, throughout the world. 

Multidisciplinary Agency
Through more than 50 years�development, SCE has become a comprehensive school with Departments of Bridge Engineering, Tunnel & Underground Works, Building Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Highway & Railway Engineering, Municipal & Environmental Engineering, Mechanics, in addition of Laboratory of Civil Engineering; and also Research Centers of Tunnel & Underground Engineering, and Urban Track Traffic & Transportation Engineering.

Sound Discipline
SCE has 3 first-class doctorate discipline authorities and the corresponding post-doctoral programs which are Civil Engineering, Mechanics, Traffic & Transportation Engineering, 15 doctor disciplines and 20 master disciplines. The research areas in the school cover the fields of engineering,  administration and agriculture, relating 7 first-class disciplines, i.e. Civil Engineering, Traffic & Transportation Engineering, Environmental Science and Engineering, Mechanics, Geological Resources and Engineering, Surveying Science and Technology, Public Management.

The scale of subjects is the top ranking among civil engineering colleges and institutions in China. Bridge & Tunnel Engineering and Highway & Railway Engineering are National Key Disciplines. Civil Engineering is first class Key Discipline in Beijing. Solid Mechanics is Key Discipline in Beijing. Laboratory of Civil Engineering is Model Center for Experimental Teaching in Beijing. Research Centre of Tunnel & Underground Engineering is Key Research Center of Ministry of Education, Structural Laboratory is Key Laboratory of Ministry of Railways.

Distinguished Faculty
SCE has brought in a number of Academic Backbones of teachers from famous colleges and institutions in and out of China, 72.9% of the faculty are with doctorates. The teaching group has been high-level qualified and extensive sourced. Old, middle-aged and young faculties are well combined and the teaching group is mainly to middle-aged faculty. SCE has now a faculty with about 200 members, including 2 academicians of China Engineering Academy, 1 Chair Professor of Cheung Kong Scholars Program, 2 winners of National Outstanding Youth Fund, 46 full professors and 85 associate professors, 44 doctoral supervisors.

Quality Students
The scale of SCE is expanding and the comprehensive education conditions are becoming increasingly better. SCE currently has 2,600 registered students, including 1500 undergraduates, 690 postgraduates, 285 doctorate candidates. SCE has also undertaken the task of education for international students and adults. In 1999, the specialty of Civil Engineering passed the specialty evaluation organized by the Ministry of Construction. SCE passed the 2nd-cycle re-evaluation in 2004. In the past 50 years, SCE has trained more than 10000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, brought up a large number of top-class technologists for the country, and made important contribution to the construction of economy and the development of the nation.

Cutting-Edge Research
In the past few years, SCE has also reached remarkable achievements in research, awards, and papers. SCE carries out hundreds of projects from the National Science Foundation, Ministry of science and technology, and Ministry of Railways. Among these projects, many have obtained national and provincial prizes or awards. The number of research projects sponsored by industries has been considerably increasing.

SCE has gained reputation in the fields of engineering survey design, engineering supervision, science & technological consultation, dynamic & static experiments and inspections of structures. In 2008, 183 scientific research projects were added, including 14 projects from National Science Foundation. The total scientific research fund amounted 6,500 million. The research work of the school is up to a new level. And many research results have been applied to the infrastructure construction of the country.

International Exchanges
SCE has engaged in a world-wide international academic exchanges and established wide-spread cooperative relations with more than 10 countries and 20 universities through expert exchanges, research co-operations and international conferences. In recent years, many faculties have been abroad to participate in the international conferences, and to do research or give lectures. More than 80 foreign scholars have been invited for academic exchanges or to deliver seminars in SCE.

In addition, many faculties have become the committee members of some international organizations or conferences, or the chairman of some sub-committees. SCE has also hosted or sponsored some international or bilateral conferences like the “International Symposium of Structural Engineering� the “International Symposium of Traffic & Transportation System Engineering, the “International Symposium of Modern Cement Composite Materials & Infrastructure Engineering� and the “International Symposium of Traffic Induced Vibrations & Controls�

Domestic Exchanges
SCE has established cooperative relationships with many universities, colleges, enterprises and institutes in academic exchange, science & technology co-operations and joint educations, and has invited some celebrated experts and scholars as its honorary or consulting professors. Great progress has been made in the combination of production, education and research, and a win-win situation is appearing. SCE has strong academic atmosphere through holding academic lectures and reports given by domestic and foreign experts, scholars, seminars and other academic activities.

Active Services
Adhering to the education principle of “Serving the Railway, Catering to the Society, and Keeping the Features� SCE has attached great importance to the development of disciplines, and tried to improve education quality and to promote scientific innovation.

SCE serve as an educational base for advanced technologists of civil engineering in and out of railway, a scientific research and innovative base for major scientific and technological problems and an information center.

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